A year of logistics advancements

Opublikowany 18 december 2023

New warehouses in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, and Stockholm. Focus on sustainable practices, new job opportunities – and, as always, a personal touch. While many companies and industries have approached 2023 with caution, NTEX has invested more than ever.

„I’m very happy that we’ve been able to face a challenging time by taking action,” says Marcus Wållerstedt, Logistics Manager in Gothenburg at NTEX Inrikes.

At NTEX, there hasn’t been any reason to slow down. It all began in February when the company moved into its new warehouse in Jordbro, Stockholm. Following that, similar steps were taken in both Helsingborg and Gothenburg.

„These investments have allowed us to take on more and slightly different types of assignments than before, putting us in a strong position for the future,” says Marcus Wållerstedt.

The new facilities and the increasing number of assignments have also led NTEX Inrikes to expand its workforce, a significant strength signal according to the Logistics Manager in Gothenburg. The overall assessment is that NTEX Inrikes now has significantly greater capacity in everything from 3PL to picking and packing, Crossdock, and traditional warehousing compared to a few years ago.

Manage, Enhance, and Deliver
Looking ahead, the focus for NTEX will be to establish routines to fully capitalize on the high-quality conditions that have been put in place. Marcus Wållerstedt emphasizes that it’s now about filling the warehouses and ensuring a good return on the investments made.

„We will continue to deliver a reliable product while staying close to our customers.”

He emphasizes the latter a bit more, discussing the personal touch as a key success factor for the entire NTEX organization.

„It’s our DNA all the way through. As we’ve grown, we’ve worked hard to ensure that this mindset is preserved. It’s crucial to us.”

Great opportunities for advancement
Another characteristic of NTEX is the ample opportunities for employees with drive and dedication. Marcus Wållerstedt is an excellent example. He took his first steps in the industry back in 2009, starting as a delivery driver. Since then, he has worked in warehouses, driven trucks, been a traffic controller, and worked as a traffic manager. When he joined NTEX in 2019, he took on a role as a salesperson. A few years later, Marcus was offered the position of site manager for NTEX Inrikes – a role he held until a few months ago when he became the Logistics Manager in Gothenburg.

„You don’t necessarily need a flashy education to get a chance. In my case, it’s been about drive and dedicated work. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take new steps and continue to grow within the company,” concludes Marcus Wållerstedt.

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