Anna Hansson Appointed Traffic Manager for Germany at NTEX

Opublikowany 13 december 2023

Anna Hansson, former COO of Eurolink, owned by NTEX, has taken on a new role within the company. For the past few weeks, Anna has been working as the Traffic Manager for Germany at NTEX.

„Our ambition is to grow and gain more market share in Germany,” says Anna Hansson.

One of the key motivations behind NTEX’s acquisition of Eurolink last year was the goal of becoming even stronger in the German market. Eurolink has had a significant focus on Germany since its establishment almost 18 years ago. Anna Hansson has been part of the entire journey and possesses deep knowledge of how transportation between Scandinavia and Germany should be conducted to achieve the best possible results.

Both NTEX and Eurolink early on identified that a well-functioning collaboration would be crucial to growing in the German market. Over the past year, Anna Hansson has played a key role in maintaining this collaboration, representing Eurolink. In her new role at NTEX, Anna will continue to push for strong cooperation but from a different perspective:

„We need each other to succeed, and considering my background, I have good opportunities to contribute with ideas on how we should move forward,” notes Anna Hansson.

Anna has been in the industry for more than 20 years. When asked to highlight important lessons from her career, she emphasizes the importance of shared commitment.

„I come from a smaller company where personal interactions and the drive and commitment of all employees were crucial elements. Despite NTEX being much larger, I feel that the culture is similar here. I see that as crucial for our success,” concludes Anna Hansson, the new Traffic Manager for Germany at NTEX.

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