Leading the Charge: New E-Trucks in Helsingborg and Stockholm

Opublikowany 15 december 2023

In our pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable future, we proudly introduce the latest additions to our fleet – Volvo FL Electric Trucks for distribution in Stockholm and Helsingborg.

„We aim to be at the forefront of our vehicle fleet – both environmentally and in terms of safety,” says Jonas Carlsson, General Equipment Manager at NTEX.

NTEX already operates electric trucks transporting goods within the Gothenburg area. With the addition of Electric Trucks in Helsingborg and Stockholm, we continue our journey towards sustainability. Boasting an expected reduction of 19.6 tons of CO2 emissions per truck per year, we are not just delivering goods; we are contributing to redefining local city climates with soundless drives.

Quiet Roads, Cleaner Air

Our new e-trucks, each with space for 18 pallets, aim to create a more serene and pleasant environment for both drivers and the communities they serve. It’s a mutually beneficial situation for everyone on the road, promoting a sense of community harmony and cooperation.

„This initiative is part of our ambitious sustainability efforts, where we strive to reduce environmental impact while staying ahead in technological development within the transport sector,” says Jonas.

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